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Pure Fluid combines industry leading, high flow, temporary mobile filtration equipment, along with experienced and safety driven personnel to provide industry turnkey filtration solutions. We know filtration like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one.

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past Projects


Our portfolio includes the successful start-up filtration of various heavy oil, oil sands, SAGD, power generation, natural gas processing facility systems and pipelines. We have also enjoyed partnerships with several multinational oilfield companies on their large pre-commissioning and commissioning projects

Pure Fluid provides rental filtration services to a multitude of industries and applications. Field service crews are dispatched on a scheduled or emergency basis to manage routine or specialty onsite filtration requirements

Our skid mounted portable bag filtration equipment is some of the best in the industry; from our 300 Series (Tri-18) right down to our 100 Series (Single 6 Bag) and include all applicable documentation (i.e. CRN Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan; ABSA certified) for operations in Western Canada


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